OpenSSH currently has a bug that will help would-be attackers figure out actual account names on your system by timing how long the server responds to incorrect logins.

You can read the full info on Linux Forum.

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There have been updates to the nss, nss-util and nspr packages to address moderate security flaws (CVE-2016-1978, CVE-2016-1979). The new packages are syncing through the various mirrors currently.
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Back in June of 2015, CVE-2015-1805 a kernel patch was released to implement a fix for vectored pipe read and write functionality which could potentially result in memory corruption. A local, unprivileged user could use the flaw in an unpatched kernel to crash the system or escalate their privileges on the system.
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At some point you will find it very handy to be able to run the same command on multiple servers. Sure, you could just put a list of IPs in a file and run something against it using a for loop, but gsh is going to make your life much easier.
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