Remove old error logs on your server

November 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

If you have a server with a lot of sites on it, error logs can be forgotten about and end up taking up a lot of unnecessary space. Here’s a good way to keep them cleaned up!

First, let’s define what we’re looking for here. We’ll use a cpanel server as an example. By default, you’ll find error_log files in various directories under the account’s public_html directory. Most times these won’t take up too much space unless you have some issue or extra reporting set up.

We can remove these and Apache will re-create them if it needs to.

First, find out if you even need to do this. Let’s run a find command to locate them and see how much space they’re taking up.

You’ll see something like this:

While the first two don’t take up too much room, the 3rd is complaining about something – you’ll want to read through it and see what the issue is. When you’re done though, free up all of the error logs with this command:

You’ll want to do this every now and then to make sure the sites on the server aren’t complaining too much, then take action when you see them growing quickly.

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